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Rehabilitation & Wellness

At IfeanHealth, we believe that rehabilitation and wellness are at the core of a fulfilling life and we understand that rehabilitative care is a process — in fact, it is a journey. Our goal is simple, yet powerful: to be a partner in your journey towards rehabilitation and wellness! Like the countless customers we serve daily, you too can rely on us for:

  • Best-in-class products: We are the official distributor for Ottobock in Nigeria and have access to high quality and affordable prosthetic and orthotic products and solutions for you.
  • Patient care: We have developed partnerships with rehabilitation and wellness care centers in Nigeria and across Africa, Europe, India and the US and will provide you with multiple options
    for your care.
  • Training: We sponsor courses and workshops on various areas of prosthetics and orthotics care twice a year in Nigeria. This program was developed with our international partners and was specifically designed for African professionals in prosthetic and orthotic practice.
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Pharmaceuticals & Nutrition

Many African families struggle to gain access to effective and affordable medicines and nutritional support — essentials of a healthy family. Our team brings diverse experiences from across the continent and work with carefully selected international companies and local stakeholders to support access to
healthcare products that meet the needs of the African family.

We believe that healthy families are found at the intersection of effective pharmaceutical products and affordable nutritional support.

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Medical Devices and Hospital Equipment

Lack of access to basic medical devices and underequipped hospitals have remained part of the African narrative for too long — and we are changing this! We have leveraged our strong relationships with top healthcare practitioners and hospitals to develop fully integrated device-equipment packages. By so doing, patients receive the critical devices they need and hospitals are better able to invest in capacity-building.

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About Us

Through our integrated platform of healthcare solutions and strong reach into key sub-Saharan Africa markets, we are your ideal partner for patient care, business development and market growth in Africa.

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