Medical Devices and Hospital Equipment

Medical Devices

Wound Management: From burns, diabetic foot, bed sores, hemorrhoids to all sorts of abrasions, our
innovative wound healing products are delivering exciting benefits to our customers and patients.

Diabetes Care: Due to the evolving dietary and lifestyle habits of Africans, diabetes is on the rise at an alarming rate across the continent. Glucose monitoring is at the core of any effective diabetes management plan. That’s where we step in. Our products provide innovative products for easy, accurate and reliable glucose testing.

Test Kits: From pregnancy to malaria, we provide rapid-response test kits at affordable prices across our markets.

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Hospital Equipment

We partner with top hospital equipment suppliers from around the world to source products for our customers. In addition, our partners have the option to pay in their choice of local or foreign currency.

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About Us

Through our integrated platform of healthcare solutions and strong reach into key sub-Saharan Africa markets, we are your ideal partner for patient care, business development and market growth in Africa.

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