How much are artificial Limbs (prosthetics) in Nigeria?

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When it comes to get getting an Artificial Limb in Nigeria, one of the big questions include: “How much?”

The costs varies and we are here to explain it here for you in detail.

First, there are several categories of prosthetics, as follows:

  1. Below the Knee Prosthetics
  2. Above the Knee Prosthetics
  3. Below the Elbow Prosthetics
  4. Above the Elbow Prosthetics
  5. Fingers and Toes Prosthetics
  6. Breast Prosthetics (usually due to Cancer-related mastectomy)

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We are happy to note that at IfeanHealth, we are able to provide top-quality prosthetics at affordable rates for ALL the categories above.

Another reason there’s a lot of variation in the prices is because each person is different – and the prosthetics must be customized to fit each person. To illustrate, the Artificial Leg for an 85-year-old grandmother is very different from what a 25-year-old young man would need. The following are factors we consider when customizing a prosthetics to meet YOUR needs:

  • Age
  • Lifestyle (e.g. active lifestyle or a retiree)
  • Pre-existing health conditions (e.g., Diabetes)
  • Personal Preference (e.g., some want the most advanced technology while others are OK with basic technology)
  • Personal Need (e.g. need the prosthetics to go back to work or only to look “complete”)
  • Gender (e.g., women are very particular on the “naturalness” of the exterior while men are more worried about the hardiness of the prosthetics)
  • Many more factors

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A third factor that impacts the price is the materials you’d prefer we use to fabricate your prosthetics. Let’s use an Above Knee Prosthetics as an example: it would have generally have 4 sections – as follows:

  • The Socket: there are multiple types of Sockets
  • The Knee: there are more than 30 different types of Knee joints to choose from – and we will provide you with options depending on you, your health, your needs and your budget.
  • The “Leg” section: this section in modular prosthesis can be Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Titanium
  • The Foot: there are more than 20 types of foot to choose from – and we will provide you with options depending on you, your health, your needs and your budget.As you can see from the above, there are so many varieties and differences that a price is best discussed for you – and with you.Please give us a call or send us an email and we’d make contact with you right away to provide you with prices that would meet your needs.

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Lastly, we’d like to show you how good our Artificial Limbs are – they are so good, you can’t tell!


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